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Programatically Test your API Clients or Webhooks

Use PostBin to collect all requests to a special URL which you can use to test your API Clients or your WebHooks. Inspect your bin visually on this website, or use our API to programmatically test your libraries, clients, projects, SaaS or websites.

Four Tiny Steps

  1. Create a new Bin
  2. Send any request (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, etc) to your bin
  3. Read your bin contents
  4. Compare with the result(s) you expect

What are you waiting for?


PostBin has an API that you can use programmatically - yes, this is the killer feature. See our API Docs for more details.


Each bin will expire after 30 mins. If you need bins that last longer then stayed tuned for updates.

We provide multiple services (all with APIs) that you can use for free to help you code for the web.